"I started playing bass at age 12, was in a few different bands throughout my teens. Always wanted to be a front man but never got the chance so I sang in my high schools choir my senior year and ended up loving it so much I sang in choir my freshman year at moorpark college also taking classes in vocal technique. Before the end if my first year at moorpark I realized that avenue was to challenging for the way I learn. So I started to look into audio engineering, mainly to learn how to record myself and my friends and when I want something I work hard to make it happen so in 2009 I attended the Musicians Institute of Recording Technology in Hollywood, CA.

Graduated with a 4.0

Marco Lira is one of my biggest hero's and influences from simi valley RIP
Some of my other main influences in hip hop are Tech N9ne, Canibus, Rittz, and Brotha Lynch Hung. Beats by J-Dilla and Phonk Beta

I've known Kris since back in the day when we were 16 working at Albertson's trying to grind to make $6.75 an hour and we were hustlin.. now over ten years later here we are reunited through the love of music with me being asked to help create something that we need here in our community local music coming together trying to do something positive to help the community and that's dope!"- O.D.D

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