"SInce I can remember I've always been drawn to figuring out ways I could make this world better to bare. Like most people I've had my trials and music has been the only thing to never fault. Even when I've lost faith, music leads me back to hope. I started off wanting to be behind the scenes of the music industry when I was 10. I knew I wanted to some day own my own label. Over the years I started to pay more attention to how the industry worked. I would pay more attention to who was managing who, and how artists would be marketed. By 16 I knew exactly how I wanted the label to operate and what avenues I needed to take to get there. The more it started to manifest in my mind, the more I fell in love with the music. The more I loved it, the more I wanted to express myself through it. So I became an artist in 2009 and have hit the pavement running since.

I wanted a label that would keep all the artists on the roster 100% independent. My goal is to make money off my music, not anyone elses. I want to help and inspire people to be positive forces with their art. The only way to do that was to build the family that POTP is. We are built off talent, love and continuous support. Three things that are extremely underrated.' - Kris Greer

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