Stage/Studio Drummer


"I didn't really "want" to be come a drummer, necessarily. I started out on the piano as a ten year old, moved to guitar when I was thirteen, but neither of them could hold my attention. Eventually the video game "Rock Band" came out and I found myself a natural on the virtual drums. Almost two years later, I decided to try the real drums and I haven't looked back since.

Metal and classic rock have been my influences, by and far. I grew up listening to Styx, Journey, Foreigner, Genesis, Yes, The Beatles, and a bunch of other 'classic rock' bands thanks to my parents. Like everyone else, however, I started to develop my own musical tastes and found myself fascinated by the shenanigans that is metal. Post-hardcore, classic metal, death metal; it didn't matter. I loved it all.

Product of the People means a significant amount to me because I believe every community houses hidden talents that need to be exposed to the world. I've seen people out there with true ambition and desire to show their talents, only to get shut out and broken by the ride that is life. But Product of the People is built by people who've been to the edge and back, and they want to live life doing what they love, and that's music."- Jarred Gandel

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