Designer/Wardrobe Management


"Fashion is my outlet. It allows me to express my thoughts, emotions, and my everyday state of mind. My dream is to design things that allows individuals to gain self confidence and find their own voice. I love it. Fashion design is what I wanted to do not just as a hobby, but as a career. With fashion, you can get a sense an individual's personality. I enjoy seeing the various ways people combine everything from their accessories to the color they wear. You can drastically change how an outfit looks just by putting on a hat or changing your shoes. Everyone has their own unique style. I have spent hours going through racks of clothing in the mall, experimenting with various combinations of styles and accessories. Gradually developing my own sense of style. Through fashion I was able to find myself and my voice.

​What motivates me to follow my dreams is everyone who has ever told me I couldn't have a real job in fashion. They said "fashion is a hobby." "You need to study something wear you can have a real job." Even though I heard this criticism, it motivated me to continue studying the thing I love. I wanted to prove that fashion is not just a hobby. Most of individuals are going to a job everyday that they hate. While, I have a job doing what I love. I actually don't dread waking up Monday morning at the start of a new work week.​

​Product of the people means individuals having a straight hand in whatever they produce. In many situations there is someone above you trying to put there hands into your art form. For example, music labels not allowing musicians to put out a certain song or a shoe company throwing out your design just because they feel like it wont sell to the masses. However, Product of the people is made by your own hands. Individuals are able put out into the world something they can be proud of. It's people coming together to lift each other up, supporting one another's dream."- Gabrielle McKelley

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