"My passion for music comes from my family. They allowed me to experience music for myself and supported my choices. They did not label music, they taught me to just enjoy it.

Product of the People was a creation of necessity. There are thousands of talented artist out there that never get a chance because the big labels corner the market. If you don't give into their demands, you can't realize your dream. That bullshit has kept those voices silent. It was time to give those artist an opportunity to do what they love without the fears that they will have to compromise their artistic direction because a label wants to make more money from you. Artist should be able to control all aspects of their music, POTP gives them the opportunity and assistance without warping the artist's vision.

I want to see the label grow internationally and give an opportunity to all musicians to have their voice heard. I want the struggling musician, who is living paycheck to paycheck, to have full ownership of the music they create. No one deserves to own something you create, but everyone deserves to have their story heard."- Darrin McDonald

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